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"Mountain solitude"

The other day, while flipping through TV channels, I was moved to stop on a show by Charles Stanley, (In Touch). I don’t participate in his ministry, but occasionally I’ve been switching channels and happen to catch a few words from his sermons. Timely as this was, and symbolic too, that I’d be switching the channels around, (that’s kind of how we change energy too), on this day, he was describing a beautiful photograph of mountains. Here’s what it did for me:

There’s something amazing about mountains, the trees, lakes. As a child I went to the mountains (Lake Louise and Banff Alberta, Canada) with my family, only one hour away from our home in Calgary. Now, since my  parents are no longer with us I return to this place, if only to remember those days… visit on my own, to enjoy the solitude, and the peace that speaks to my soul. Here I feel a state of serenity that roots me to the earth.

It is true that these mountains have a history full of storms, rain, snow and turbulent weather, even though this picture depicts the peace and tranquility of this moment.

In a similar way to these mountains, there exists a joy, quietness, strength in us. Though we’ve gone through turbulent times, our serene energy radiates like an indescribable beauty that others sense. When we feel at one with everything, when we feel confident, our life becomes this amazing journey, and others will sense it – they’ll just know there’s something they saw and felt while in our presence, that they want in their lives. This is the wisdom of life, how nature works, and how we can positively radiate good vibes. Now that is inspiring . . .