reflecting on life


Today is “someday” –  the day that someday I would see my art located in Yorkville. It’s a kind of surreal feeling to see the art on the wall and then to turn around and see it reflected in the window as I am writing. I can’t help but think how amazing the mind works, and how this same reflection can happen on a spiritual level as well…  My art, a kind of meditative tool for me, was reflected onto the store window as I sorted out the pages of my journal – such a cool experience!  I’m not an expert in physics, but beyond that I began to think about how many things appear to us in reflections whether they are physical or not. This was all happening as the light got brighter inside – so, it was darker outside and getting brighter inside, and as the contrast between light and dark became stronger, the image was more clearly reflected… the resolution more vibrant! I’m no scientist ! It just is what it is ! Today, what I envisioned some time ago, in my minds eye of “someday” was blatantly being reflected right back to me. Gotta love that !


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