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on creativity: do your dance anyhow, write anyway . . .

A while ago I came across this video / presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” Now, as the movie comes out, I thought I’d share it on my blog. She explains how she sees creativity, as a divine source that comes when one is being inspired, whether it be dancing or writing or whatever. And that if your “job” is to dance, you dance and however it is perceived by the next person, you just show up and dance anyway, and keep doing that. She shares thoughts about having fears and doubts, her experience of what to do if your work is a freakish success, (“Eat Pray Love” ). . .  how does one keep going when something they do really resonates with people . . . or . . . how do you manage the emotional risks of creating, putting your “work” on the line, which is your passion…  love this video, check it out:


dance on the balcony !



It’s summer in the city, but on my street, and at my apartment building, there’s been a lot of construction… needless to say, the sounds can be intrusive – which presents a challenge if you are trying to work, or write a blog or spend any time at home. These energy zappers have taught me something about how to find my centre amidst the chaos. If you can meditate amidst turbulence, quiet a monkey mind, you have accomplished much! Today, was altogether different…. and rather a welcome surprise… On a typical day, a breeze will interrupt the silence, or the ice cream truck would drive by – it’s melody repeating over and over, echoing through the apartment towers . . . the buzz of jack-hammers recently . . .

Today, all that crazy construction sound was obliterated by the music of a live Latin American band, playing for the kids at a summer day camp!  OMG it was awesome 🙂   So hot outside, I had the air conditioning on, but went out on the balcony- and there they were – lots of little kids dancing – in circles together, like kids do… by themselves, jumping up and down, and scattering about…. the view from my balcony was like a slice of heaven – a perspective I wouldn’t see if I were right there with them, but I was invited by divine guidance to take a moment . . .

I listened, I watched, I danced . . . I called my friend to see if she could hear them . . . the sound of sax, drums, guitar, and “rico!”  “oooh oh- oh – ah- oooohh…. !”   For a while I was transported by the rhythm, the beat, a soul-drenching in the heat, rained on by laughter, song, music and JoY. . .  I had no choice but to join the fun . . .  “Ricooo!!!”

In Sync . . .

. . . art of allowing

There is meaning to even the smallest of events. . . sitting by this pond today, it began to rain, and I opened my hands in a gesture of accepting everything in that moment.

A school of goldfish swam near, the sound of raindrops danced on the water, I was connected to an energy of change . . .

In a space of attention and intention, I was aware of the moment, following my bliss . . . open to possibility, and feeling great 🙂