dance on the balcony !



It’s summer in the city, but on my street, and at my apartment building, there’s been a lot of construction… needless to say, the sounds can be intrusive – which presents a challenge if you are trying to work, or write a blog or spend any time at home. These energy zappers have taught me something about how to find my centre amidst the chaos. If you can meditate amidst turbulence, quiet a monkey mind, you have accomplished much! Today, was altogether different…. and rather a welcome surprise… On a typical day, a breeze will interrupt the silence, or the ice cream truck would drive by – it’s melody repeating over and over, echoing through the apartment towers . . . the buzz of jack-hammers recently . . .

Today, all that crazy construction sound was obliterated by the music of a live Latin American band, playing for the kids at a summer day camp!  OMG it was awesome 🙂   So hot outside, I had the air conditioning on, but went out on the balcony- and there they were – lots of little kids dancing – in circles together, like kids do… by themselves, jumping up and down, and scattering about…. the view from my balcony was like a slice of heaven – a perspective I wouldn’t see if I were right there with them, but I was invited by divine guidance to take a moment . . .

I listened, I watched, I danced . . . I called my friend to see if she could hear them . . . the sound of sax, drums, guitar, and “rico!”  “oooh oh- oh – ah- oooohh…. !”   For a while I was transported by the rhythm, the beat, a soul-drenching in the heat, rained on by laughter, song, music and JoY. . .  I had no choice but to join the fun . . .  “Ricooo!!!”


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