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Its been a while since I posted anything, and after some time I feel inspired to begin again ! …why not start with an awesome entry about dedicated yoga spaces at home from YOGA JOURNAL !!!!   5 Ways to Make Your Home Yoga Friendly | Top Five Tuesdays | Yoga Blog | Yoga Journal.


. . . making life beautiful !

April 2011   Starbucks, Yonge & St. Clair, Toronto Ontario “Spring Fling”  ART DISPLAY

Time sure flies  . . .  spring can’t come quick enough . . . I hear it’s going to be a nice, warm Sunday ? Well let’s hope the weatherman is right !  I’ve been hibernating over the winter, that’s about the gist of it, but the sun is shining and I gotta smile on my face…  I have a lot of new and fresh ideas to share, beginning with a new art show at the local Starbucks . . .

My art is a meditation, it transforms the space I’m in, so that it radiates higher frequency feelings, of happiness, brilliance, love abundance. From the fragrance of a flower, to the single passing moments in a breath, a glance, a thought, I am present and alive.

Spring is here and transforming the environment with brighter days, warmer temperatures, and ultimately, smiles – while we let go of the old, dark winter parts of our lives …

Come out to the Starbucks for a java and enjoy springtime on the walls !!!

on creativity: do your dance anyhow, write anyway . . .

A while ago I came across this video / presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book “Eat, Pray, Love.” Now, as the movie comes out, I thought I’d share it on my blog. She explains how she sees creativity, as a divine source that comes when one is being inspired, whether it be dancing or writing or whatever. And that if your “job” is to dance, you dance and however it is perceived by the next person, you just show up and dance anyway, and keep doing that. She shares thoughts about having fears and doubts, her experience of what to do if your work is a freakish success, (“Eat Pray Love” ). . .  how does one keep going when something they do really resonates with people . . . or . . . how do you manage the emotional risks of creating, putting your “work” on the line, which is your passion…  love this video, check it out: