in the moment


part of a grander plan

On the walks I take every day, I listen to songs that inspire me and this one has definitely been over played!  I’m the kind of person who keeps an open mind to signs and divine guidance, which keeps me in a place of believing in what is possible

I was walking along the road, noticing the cracks and how they lead toward the edge into the grass, the wild flowers blowing in the wind, tree branches reaching up to the sky, and how the whole scene winds around to somewhere I can’t yet see until I walk a little further. And while listening to this song, I thought about how there is a grander plan, and that God has blessed this broken road.

This moment filled me with gratitude for every relationship I’ve had, (siblings, friends, parents, lovers), for they have all made me who I am today, and led me to where I am now. Like northern stars, each one has been a guide. Then that thought created a gentler, forgiving version of the past, and a feeling of peace in my heart.

We don’t always see the signs, but like the song says, bless the road that might seem broken, for it is in this imperfection that a grander plan is coming true.


meditation practice reveals and guides

There are times when I fall out of regular meditation practice, and it’s mainly because life takes me that way. Certain things occur in my day-to-day experience which cause distraction. It could be stress from a job to a family situation or a change that is taking more of my energy. What flows naturally when I reach a tipping point, is a need to sit and get grounded again through meditation. However, that process did not always flow naturally. I enrolled in group meditation classes many years ago, (learning from an experienced teacher), and have always enjoyed participating in events where a community meditation takes place. I’ve spent time with a few friends where we met once a month to do a healing meditation, and I’ve attended yoga classes that focus on deeper meditation. In recent years I took a course in Primordial Sound Meditation from a Chopra certified instructor. I believe that meditation is helping me by guiding me, through conscious awareness; where I discover things that come to the surface, realizations and synchronistic events, after several days of consistent meditation. I highly recommend learning something about meditation if you are thinking you might like to try it – after all, knowledge is empowering.

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… finding compassion

Quoting Marianne Williamson: “Deeply grateful about the Chilean miners rescue operation going so well. Cried like everyone else as I watched men arriving on the surface. At the same time, I marvel with sorrow at how 33 men trapped in a mine can inspire such compassionate action from the entire world, while 17,000 children starving every day gets a sort of “Too bad, but what can you do….?” attitude in comparison.”

I feel compelled to republish this quote by Marianne Williamson, and give my response to it, as it provokes in me very deep feelings. I for one, am not who I am today without faith, hope, trials, loss and love. . .

. . . saving the 33 Chilean men is an amazing victory of hope and compassion -“in comparison” 17,000 starving children feels overwhelming -perhaps we can build a stronger foundation for saving the children by taking on a perspective of helping “33 children at a time” ?? – that feels more manageable, and clearly it is possible. Also, not to be too comparative, (and not to be too religious, because I follow more of a spiritual nature), but 33 is the age that Christ died on the cross and rose again –

An astrological explanation is well made by astrologer Phil Booth, of Toronto, who explains the series of harsh alignments at the time of the mine collapse, and where the alignments are now:

This is a great time to tend to our own deepest fears, and create compassion in our own lives as well… and to rise above to the light of our own lives, and our own dreams …

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dance on the balcony !



It’s summer in the city, but on my street, and at my apartment building, there’s been a lot of construction… needless to say, the sounds can be intrusive – which presents a challenge if you are trying to work, or write a blog or spend any time at home. These energy zappers have taught me something about how to find my centre amidst the chaos. If you can meditate amidst turbulence, quiet a monkey mind, you have accomplished much! Today, was altogether different…. and rather a welcome surprise… On a typical day, a breeze will interrupt the silence, or the ice cream truck would drive by – it’s melody repeating over and over, echoing through the apartment towers . . . the buzz of jack-hammers recently . . .

Today, all that crazy construction sound was obliterated by the music of a live Latin American band, playing for the kids at a summer day camp!  OMG it was awesome 🙂   So hot outside, I had the air conditioning on, but went out on the balcony- and there they were – lots of little kids dancing – in circles together, like kids do… by themselves, jumping up and down, and scattering about…. the view from my balcony was like a slice of heaven – a perspective I wouldn’t see if I were right there with them, but I was invited by divine guidance to take a moment . . .

I listened, I watched, I danced . . . I called my friend to see if she could hear them . . . the sound of sax, drums, guitar, and “rico!”  “oooh oh- oh – ah- oooohh…. !”   For a while I was transported by the rhythm, the beat, a soul-drenching in the heat, rained on by laughter, song, music and JoY. . .  I had no choice but to join the fun . . .  “Ricooo!!!”

In Sync . . .

. . . art of allowing

There is meaning to even the smallest of events. . . sitting by this pond today, it began to rain, and I opened my hands in a gesture of accepting everything in that moment.

A school of goldfish swam near, the sound of raindrops danced on the water, I was connected to an energy of change . . .

In a space of attention and intention, I was aware of the moment, following my bliss . . . open to possibility, and feeling great 🙂

reflecting on life


Today is “someday” –  the day that someday I would see my art located in Yorkville. It’s a kind of surreal feeling to see the art on the wall and then to turn around and see it reflected in the window as I am writing. I can’t help but think how amazing the mind works, and how this same reflection can happen on a spiritual level as well…  My art, a kind of meditative tool for me, was reflected onto the store window as I sorted out the pages of my journal – such a cool experience!  I’m not an expert in physics, but beyond that I began to think about how many things appear to us in reflections whether they are physical or not. This was all happening as the light got brighter inside – so, it was darker outside and getting brighter inside, and as the contrast between light and dark became stronger, the image was more clearly reflected… the resolution more vibrant! I’m no scientist ! It just is what it is ! Today, what I envisioned some time ago, in my minds eye of “someday” was blatantly being reflected right back to me. Gotta love that !

Sundara means “beautiful” . . .

Flowers in the market

“Sundara”  is a sanskrit word which literally translates to “beautiful.” I am inspired by many forms of beauty in my day-to-day experiences, so it is in these moments I am taking mental notes. Whether it is to just pause, or to listen and take action, all beauty at its core is speaking truth. I have come to the conclusion that it is no coincidence that having been a student of journalism, I was in search of truths – writing about them. In being a student of Interior Design, I was definitely in search of beauty, though learned of the illusions of what true beauty looks like. And being a student of meditation I was learning how to know the difference between what appears to be true and what is real.

Alright well, before I get deep, (I’ve been known to write “very deep” articles), my point is that even a moment at the flower market is a beautiful thing. Walk in stressed out, in a hurry, on the way home, try to find a bouquet, for someone who’s sick, having a birthday, anniversary, whatever…. or just walk in sometimes… just because, and stay a while, but definitely stay a moment – however long that is.

Inspired to BLOG

"Mountain solitude"

The other day, while flipping through TV channels, I was moved to stop on a show by Charles Stanley, (In Touch). I don’t participate in his ministry, but occasionally I’ve been switching channels and happen to catch a few words from his sermons. Timely as this was, and symbolic too, that I’d be switching the channels around, (that’s kind of how we change energy too), on this day, he was describing a beautiful photograph of mountains. Here’s what it did for me:

There’s something amazing about mountains, the trees, lakes. As a child I went to the mountains (Lake Louise and Banff Alberta, Canada) with my family, only one hour away from our home in Calgary. Now, since my  parents are no longer with us I return to this place, if only to remember those days… visit on my own, to enjoy the solitude, and the peace that speaks to my soul. Here I feel a state of serenity that roots me to the earth.

It is true that these mountains have a history full of storms, rain, snow and turbulent weather, even though this picture depicts the peace and tranquility of this moment.

In a similar way to these mountains, there exists a joy, quietness, strength in us. Though we’ve gone through turbulent times, our serene energy radiates like an indescribable beauty that others sense. When we feel at one with everything, when we feel confident, our life becomes this amazing journey, and others will sense it – they’ll just know there’s something they saw and felt while in our presence, that they want in their lives. This is the wisdom of life, how nature works, and how we can positively radiate good vibes. Now that is inspiring . . .