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pay it forward . . . NOW

All Together NOW Fundraiser in Toronto!!!!

All Together NOW is the first city-wide fundraiser of its kind to be held in the GTA, possibly in Canada! It’s tomorrow!!!  Sunday, it is not too late to join in!

Click here to see participating locations >>>>>>

Sunday October 17, 2010  – THAT’S in less than 24 hrs!!!   For the past year I have been volunteering as a Recruitment Committee member for NOW4Youth. It has been a rewarding experience to meet with the team each month, and more often than that as we went through the process of letting the community know about the training opportunity for youth, and then interviewing all the applicants.

The Yoga Fundraiser, is just one of the events created by NOW4Youth, to raise funds so we can provide this opportunity and introduce new courses to youth “at risk” who kinda need a little help…. and it’s just the most awesome feeling to see them shine, and take on a new direction in life !!!

PLEASE help me as I do a 2 hour YOGA CLASS in support of the NOW4 Youth programs !!!