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. . . making life beautiful !

April 2011   Starbucks, Yonge & St. Clair, Toronto Ontario “Spring Fling”  ART DISPLAY

Time sure flies  . . .  spring can’t come quick enough . . . I hear it’s going to be a nice, warm Sunday ? Well let’s hope the weatherman is right !  I’ve been hibernating over the winter, that’s about the gist of it, but the sun is shining and I gotta smile on my face…  I have a lot of new and fresh ideas to share, beginning with a new art show at the local Starbucks . . .

My art is a meditation, it transforms the space I’m in, so that it radiates higher frequency feelings, of happiness, brilliance, love abundance. From the fragrance of a flower, to the single passing moments in a breath, a glance, a thought, I am present and alive.

Spring is here and transforming the environment with brighter days, warmer temperatures, and ultimately, smiles – while we let go of the old, dark winter parts of our lives …

Come out to the Starbucks for a java and enjoy springtime on the walls !!!


… finding compassion

Quoting Marianne Williamson: “Deeply grateful about the Chilean miners rescue operation going so well. Cried like everyone else as I watched men arriving on the surface. At the same time, I marvel with sorrow at how 33 men trapped in a mine can inspire such compassionate action from the entire world, while 17,000 children starving every day gets a sort of “Too bad, but what can you do….?” attitude in comparison.”

I feel compelled to republish this quote by Marianne Williamson, and give my response to it, as it provokes in me very deep feelings. I for one, am not who I am today without faith, hope, trials, loss and love. . .

. . . saving the 33 Chilean men is an amazing victory of hope and compassion -“in comparison” 17,000 starving children feels overwhelming -perhaps we can build a stronger foundation for saving the children by taking on a perspective of helping “33 children at a time” ?? – that feels more manageable, and clearly it is possible. Also, not to be too comparative, (and not to be too religious, because I follow more of a spiritual nature), but 33 is the age that Christ died on the cross and rose again –

An astrological explanation is well made by astrologer Phil Booth, of Toronto, who explains the series of harsh alignments at the time of the mine collapse, and where the alignments are now:

This is a great time to tend to our own deepest fears, and create compassion in our own lives as well… and to rise above to the light of our own lives, and our own dreams …

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on the way . . .

sobeys, gravestones, weeping willows, traffic lights change, flashing l.e.d.  “preaching this week”

buggies, babies, mommies, friends with work out bags, sea of people crossing with the lights,

smiles, gestures, oblivious onlookers, macdonald’s bags, nike, new balance,

statue of ganesh

starbucks, cars turning into the traffic, walking, walking, crowded crosswalk, woop woop sound to cross

weaving in & out of coats, jackets, guy in pink stripe shirt, girls drinkin’ Starbucks

gum spots, food stains, wrappers, butts,

cigarette butts, smell of cigarettes, briefcases, computer cases, suits, very high heels,

sidewalk grill, construction cones, boots & hard hats, cigarette smoke, congestion, smog, exhaust fumes,

traffic jam, squeeze through bumper to bumper, gardiner expressway, acc centre, traffic turning, the game is on, union station, eaton centre, city hall, flags blowing,

smiles, couples walking, people stopping, police stand-off, protesters running with “fu*k the police” poster,

police-mounted horses, waiting, in a line, tree-lined street, japanese maples? turned yellow,creating an arch amidst the stand-off,

brief repose

lanterra condo showcase, club med, couple huggin’ under the “Freshii” sign,

starbucks again, smiles, two men walking dogs, the hare krishna temple,

film cones, big rigs, movie crew, film set, pavement markings, cut here, people walking,

streetscape busy, starbucks, cars turning, lights flashing, walk sign on,

water fountain, dog walking, train passing, train bridge,

atom egoyan,

steep hill, keeping the pace, evening stars, cooling down, iron fence, park bench,

restaurant lights, people smoking, cars turning, sobeys, moonlight, going slow


on the way – 14 K Run through downtown Toronto . . .


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